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Georgetown, Georgia 
P.O. BOX 338
OFFICE 229-334-3726         FAX 229-334-0905
All emergency are ask to call 911
To Georgetown - Quitman County 

Thank you for your vote and as Sheriff of Quitman County, I am looking forward to serving you in 2021.  
Coronavirus (Covid-19)
Wash your hands
Stand within 6 feet from each other
How To Celebrate Safely During A Pandemic
During the global COVID-19 crisis, it’s even more critical to get creative and keep physical health precautions top of mind. We put together some ideas for how you can celebrate a healthy Halloween this year.

Ways To Safely Trick Or Treat:
1. Ensure everyone has a face covering and stays at least six feet away from others, including the person handing out candy.
2. Go out in small family member-only groups.
3. If your porch or driveway is big enough, put up a six-foot-long table so you can interact with kids from a safe distance.
4. Use a face shield in addition to wearing a face mask when handing out candy.
5. Leave candy on the doorstep in a bowl and put a sign up that encourages them to take a piece. Get creative with making a sign that says, “Don’t be a witch – take only one bag of candy per child.”
6. Put out a bottle of hand sanitizer next to the bowl of candy (but don’t expect that all kids will use it).
7. Hand out individually wrapped candy to prevent the spread of germs.

Better yet, put candy in mini party favor bags and place one bag out at a time. Watch through the window or on your doorbell camera and, when it’s gone, replenish it.