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In 2020, Georgetown-Quitman County, GA elect me, Charles Junior Davis as your new Sheriff.  It is an honor and privilege to serve the Citizens of Georgetown-Quitman County.  I am joined with highly dedicated office staff and deputies, who are here to serve the public safety needs of the Citizens and Visitors of this great community.  The future security of our community, children, and business is my #1 concern. It is highly important to have leaders with visions and who possess an understanding of the challenging needs of our community.

Professional Law Enforcement is held to a high standard.  Peace Officers are expected to abide by a high ethical and moral standard that is consistent with their sworn oath of office.

I encourage you to contact our Office for any requests or questions you may have related to the operations of the Sheriff's Office.

Respectfully yours,
Charles Junior Davis, Quitman County Sheriff
Thank you for your VOTE!
To Georgetown - Quitman County 

Thank you for your vote and as Sheriff of Quitman County, I am looking forward to serving you in 2021.